About Solar Energy

Interested in solar?

Us too – here’s why 1 in 5 Aussies have already made the upgrade1

How does solar work?

solar panel


Rooftop solar panels convert energy from sunlight into electricity as direct current (DC).
Convert solar


An inverter transforms direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) to power your home and to be fed back into the electricity grid.
Store solar


Installing a battery allows you to store excess electricity for use when the sun isn't shining or feed it back into the grid at an agreed price.

Solar panels put our hot Australian sun to good use by capturing its energy and converting it into electricity for your home. Therefore, your home becomes its own energy generator. 

This makes you less dependent on the electricity grid, meaning the prices of electricity affect you less!

Australia has the highest solar radiation per square meter of any continent2, which means Aussies have the best opportunity to use the sun to save on their electricity bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

Did you know? 85% of Australians believe a house with solar panels increases the property’s value.

realestate.com.au 3

With all this sun, what if my panels produce too much energy?

Too much solar in the tank? That means you have two options:

  1. Any excess energy your solar panels produce gets fed back into the grid. As a reward for supplying the grid with more energy, you get paid a feed-in tariff. This appears as a credit on your electricity bill.

  2. You can install a battery at your home, which stores any excess energy your solar panels produce. This energy gets used when the sun isn’t shining. Our solar specialists will let you know which option is best for your home.


What if my solar panels don’t produce enough?

Don’t worry – if there’s a cloud in the sky (or quite a few), your home is still hooked up to the electricity grid.

Installing a battery is also useful, as it holds the excess electricity produced by your solar panels when the sun was shining. Our solar specialists will calculate which of our energy plans is most affordable, depending on your home.

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You can trust Tango with your solar.

With more solar companies than ever before, it can be hard to know who to trust with your solar installation, and then to find which energy plan will give you the most compatible rates for your home.

The good news is, Tango has already done the hard work for you. We have selected our preferred solar retailers to deliver quality solar systems - because doing your part for the planet should be easy. This means you get high-quality solar, paired with a Tango low-cost energy plan.

Did you know? Solar energy grew by 50% in 2018-19.

Australian Gov. Energy Update Report4

Can I get solar?

Sometimes, the sun plays favourites, so some homes are better suited to solar than others. One of our solar specialists will work out how well-suited your home is to solar and find the best solution for your unique home.


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