Direct Debit

Direct debit – never forget a bill again 

Set up re-occurring payments today through your:

No credit/debit card fees apply when you set up direct debit.

Having difficulties paying your bill? Click here for more information. 

E-mail [email protected] with your account number and ask for e-billing.


Customers security and privacy

Tango Energy works hard to protect the security and privacy of confidential customer data. 
We advise customers to remain alert to scammers. If you receive a suspicious email or phone call asking you to make payments, please decline or ignore the request and contact Tango on 1800 010 648. Scams should also be reported to Scamwatch.  


Known scams, fraud, and phishing alerts:

 23 September 2020: A scammer is asking customers to pay 70% of their outstanding invoice balance, in return for the scammer paying the full account balance.  

 We have been notified that there is a scammer offering to pay energy customers' entire bill on their behalf if the customer pays 70% of the invoice balance.

The scammer encourages customers to call their energy retailer to confirm that full payment has been made on their behalf (the scammer pays this). The customer is tricked into thinking the arrangement is genuine and agrees to pay the scammer 70% of the bill amount as agreed. The scammer then immediately requests a merchant chargeback from the energy retailer (refund) for the amount paid. After having paid the scammer 70% of the invoice amount, the customer is left owing the full amount to their energy retailer.

For information on how to identify scams and to report them, visit the Scamwatch website. 

If you receive a suspicious email or phone call relating to your Tango Energy account, please call us on 1800 010 648.