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Renewable Energy Australia

Energy with a clean conscience

Renewable Energy Australia

When it comes to renewable energy, you can trust that Tango Energy knows a thing or two about it. That’s because we are owned by one of Australia’s leading developers of renewable energy, Pacific Hydro Australia. That means creating renewable energy is at the heart of what we do, along with keeping energy accessible and affordable. Together, we are leading Australia’s transition to a clean energy future. 

We love offering our customers low rates every day. This includes no lock-in contracts or exit fees. Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, we have renewable energy plans to suit your needs. We want to ensure that every Australian home and business has access to clean and affordable renewable energy.

As an extension of one of the leading players in Australia’s renewable energy sector, we’re here to make a difference together. By supporting us, you support the future of renewable energy investment in Australia. You can invest in a clean future that doesn’t cost the earth.  

We specialise in affordable and simple solar power solutions too. We have solutions to suit residential, small business, commercial, and industrial needs. If you’re looking for renewable energy solutions for your home, Australia is the perfect place to be, as we now have access to leading renewable energy solutions. 

By working with our preferred solar retailers, Tango Energy can organise both your solar installation and the energy plan to go with it. Getting your solar sorted in a package makes the switch to renewable solar energy easier and affordable. 
As we are committed to a green and sustainable future, we also offer a 100% GreenPower accredited Plan: Tango Blue. When you are on our Tango Blue plan, we will purchase the amount of energy you use from renewable generators in Australia. By doing this, we offset your carbon emissions. 

There’s a lot of information out there when it comes to renewable energy, and we’re here to cut through the noise. Connect with us to learn how you can save money on your energy bills and help the environment at the same time.  


What is renewable energy? 

Renewable energy is a term given to natural sources of energy that renew themselves and can never (or not easily) be depleted. Continuous innovation into renewable energy technology has made this energy easier to harness, leading it to become more accessible and affordable for Australians.  

Among renewable energy, solar technology is one of the most accessible for homes and businesses, alongside wind power and hydropower. There are also new renewable energy technologies on the rise, paving the way for geothermal, bio, and ocean energy in the future.
Because renewable energy is naturally occurring, we don’t risk ‘running out’ of this resource –  as in the case of fossil fuels like coal. This is what makes renewables a more sustainable form of energy to produce. 

That is at the core of why we are helping Australia achieve a clean energy future. 


Why is it important to invest in renewable energy?

Whether or not you believe the climate is changing, renewable energy is simply another source of energy – but one with great benefits for both humans and the environment. Globally there has been a shift towards using more and more renewables to curb the impacts of global warming. 
Renewable energy is important as it’s sourced from renewable resources – naturally occurring sources that can’t easily be depleted. This also means that harnessing the power of renewable energy is much less expensive and laborious than sourcing the finite fossil fuels that have powered our modern world for many years. Our traditional sources of energy will eventually run dry and continue to impact our earth’s climate in the process adversely. That is why Pacific Hydro has been producing renewable energy for 30 years.

By making renewable energy Australia can both access and afford, we can work together to create a more sustainable future. The energy sector in Australia is undergoing a shift that is complex, but we’re experiencing momentum and surge to support renewable energy that gives us hope.  
As a leading solar energy company, we’re here to help connect you to a more sustainable future. 

How to use renewable energy at home? 

Using renewable energy in Australia has never been so easy, and at Tango Energy, we like to keep it that way. 
Simply put, if you live in a home that has a roof that gets sunshine, installing solar could be a great option for your home. At Tango, we can help you harness the sun’s energy by installing solar panels through one of our preferred solar retailers.  
Solar panels will be positioned strategically on your roof – which will then connect to a unit that converts the solar energy into electricity and contributes to your household energy use. Not only does this mean you are producing your own renewable energy, you are also reducing your home electricity bills. 
If your home is producing more solar energy than you can use, you can store this excess electricity in a battery to draw on later when the sun isn’t shining. You can also send this excess electricity back to the National Electricity Market, contributing to more renewable energy in Australia’s energy grid.
To support renewable energy, Tango Energy also has a great range of energy plans that Australians can easily access and afford.
We currently offer a variety of plans to suit your unique energy needs*: 

  • Home Select – For those who like to keep things simple and affordable, Home Select is our energy plan that has low energy rates, without the frills. 
  • Solar Saver – The energy plan designed with solar customers in mind, Solar Saver offers a feed-in tariff that is double the current Victorian minimum. * That’s a way to celebrate Australians who have made the renewable choice to install solar.
  • Tango Blue – The 100% renewable electricity plan. With this plan, we will buy GreenPower to offset 100% of your electricity usage from renewable sources, lowering your carbon footprint.  

All of these energy plans have no lock-in contracts or exit fees, with energy rates fixed for a minimum of 12 months! If you are in Victoria, you can also sign up to a gas plan with us!

We know that every home will have different needs. When it comes to renewable energy, compare our plans to find the right fit for you. We understand that it’s important for you to compare electric options when it comes to choosing your energy provider. Regardless of the plan you select, by choosing Tango, you are backing renewable energy right here in Australia.

We also know that the most significant change happens when people work together, and we’re here to work together with you to help us secure a brighter, greener, and cleaner future for generations to come.  

Making accessible and affordable renewable energy Australia wide is at the heart of why we’re here. If you want to help us move towards a clean and green energy future, inquire now to find out the best plan for you. We can help you compare electricity plans and offer competitive pricing to other electric suppliers

*Terms and conditions apply. Fact sheets are available here. For clear advice on the right plan for you, contact us on 1800 861 952