Tango has partnered with HelpPay to give you even more flexibility.

HelpPay is a first of its kind bill sharing platform that allows anyone to turn bills into a secure link and payment page so that anyone can get or give help, anywhere, anytime with their bills.

HelpPay is ideal for share-houses splitting bills so no one person is responsible for collecting the money for a bill, parents looking after adult children, older children looking after their elderly parents, anyone looking after a family member or friends looking out for each other.

HelpPay is great because money given to help pay someone’s bill is only ever paid directly to that bill, so everyone knows exactly how much has been paid and that it goes to help right where help is needed.


How HelpPay works:

1. Download the free app, here

2. Create an account with your email and a password or with your Google, Apple or Facebook account

3. Provide HelpPay with a few details about the bill, BPAY numbers, amount due, when the bill is due.

4. HelpPay quickly creates a link and payment page that can be shared via SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp, Email, and social media to help pay the bill. 

5. Share the link with anyone that is helping pay the bill.

6. Anyone can pay any amount towards a bill, and all payments go directly, and only, to that bill.

7. HelpPay provides receipts for each payment made.


Benefits of HelpPay

  • Anyone can help anyone with a bill and can choose to pay none, some or all of a bill once they have the link.
  • HelpPay updates the unique payment page with the amount remaining to be paid on a bill after every payment, so there’s no confusion about how much help someone needs.
  • Bills that people need help with cannot be overpaid. HelpPay automatically stops payments towards a bill when the whole bill is paid.
  • When you help pay someone’s bill via HelpPay you’ll never need to wonder if your money actually went to the bill or if the money was diverted – HelpPay’s promise is that money paid towards a bill only ever goes to pay that bill.
Try HelpPay for yourself today Or suggest it to someone you know who is sharing a house, looking after family and friends or with someone you know you want to help. Go to HelpPay