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VPP Battery Offer

Get up to $250 just for having a battery*

With Tango's VPP, you receive $250 in electricity credits during the first year, simply for allowing Tango to connect with your battery. * 

Join the Tango Virtual Power Plant today

Batteries are a great way to reduce your electricity bills. Tango Energy is now offering eligible battery owners the chance to extract further value from their investment through our new Virtual Power Plant (VPP) program. 

Why join Tango's VPP?

Increase the value of your home with solar

Get reduced energy bills

Receive up to $250 back in credits to your electricity bill in the first year.

renewable Tango

Help the community

Your contribution will reduce blackouts and help make energy more affordable by helping take pressure off the grid when the demand is high.

Clean Conscience Tango

Energy with a clean conscience

Feel positive as you reduce the impact of your household energy on the environment, while helping other Aussies access cleaner energy.

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What does it mean to joining a VPP?

You'll receive up to $250 in electricity bill credits.*

When required, Tango Energy will remotely access your battery when the demand is high.

You will continue to receive your usual solar feed-in tariff rate.

As per your Market Agreement.

You will always have enough battery to power your home.

We’ll ensure that at least 30% of the capacity is left for your use.

Your contribution will help take pressure off the grid.

By bringing power to the community.

How does it work?

1. Talk to Tango Energy to see if joining the Virtual Power Plant is right for you and whether you fit the eligibility criteria.


2. Once you have signed up successfully, Tango Energy will remotely connect the battery to their network of customer batteries.


3. When required, Tango Energy will remotely use your battery to discharge electricity back into the grid when it is under pressure, including days when energy is in high demand.


4. To say thank you, Tango Energy will credit up to $250 on your electricity bill for the first year.

Sign up to Tango Energy's VPP. Talk to our experts

What’s the catch?

There is no catch! Sign up to the VPP offer and cancel at any time with no exit fees!

Fill out the form below or call our solar advisors on 1800 595 434 to find out how installing solar could help you save.

* Terms and Conditions

The Virtual Power Plant consists of a rebate of up to inclusive of GST $250 in the first year. It is paid at a daily rate and applied to your electricity bill at each billing cycle. This rebate is credited onto your respective electricity bill.  

To receive this rebate, you must be a current Tango Energy customer (or otherwise become a Tango Energy customer by switching to a relevant Market Agreement) and have an eligible battery (included Alpha-ESS, and other devices suitable once they are connected to a SwitchDin droplet; more information can be found at Support & Resources - SwitchDin) with internet connection and a capacity of at least 10KWh. Batteries which satisfy these conditions but have a lower capacity will receive a smaller rebate.

Eligibility to be a customer under the Virtual Power Plant is subject to you meeting the eligibility requirements and at Tango Energy’s absolute discretion.