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Solar Energy Company

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Solar Energy Company 

Tango Energy is making a difference in Australia’s renewable energy sector. Owned by Pacific Hydro Australia, we’re at the forefront of affordable renewable technology. As a leading energy generator producing 100% renewable energy, we’re here to bring the power and savings of solar energy to your home or business. Whatever your energy needs, we have renewable energy plans to match them.  

In a country so abundant with sunshine, when it comes to renewable energy, solar technology is a no-brainer for reducing electricity costs and helping the environment at the same time. We don’t reckon the sun will stop shining anytime soon, making it one of the most renewable and sustainable energy sources available to us. This is great news for you because we’ve got simple solar solutions to help you incorporate renewables into your energy plan.
Our solar energy company is built on the most advanced solar technology. By supporting us, you are supporting Australia’s future as it invests in renewable energy, ensuring a cleaner future for generations to come. 

To make it easier for you to get on board the clean energy train, we can arrange your solar installation and energy plan at the same time. Depending on your budget, we have a range of renewable energy plans you can choose from. We have even developed a 100% GreenPower accredited plan: Tango Blue, which stretches your electricity usage further and offsets your carbon emissions. 

Our affordable plans are no lock-in contract, which means you can come (and go) anytime you want. Our goal is to ensure that every Australian home and business has access to clean, affordable renewable energy so that we can all live sustainably. 
Enquire now to learn more about how Tango Energy can save you money on your energy bills and help the environment. 

How does solar energy work? 

As a leading solar energy company, we know the ins and outs of how solar energy works and how to make it work for you.  
If you live in Australia, you won’t escape the fact that we see a lot of sunshine all year round. This is great news as solar is one of the most accessible sources of renewable energy and also one of the most affordable.
Solar energy works via purpose-built solar panels that catch the rays of our hot Aussie sun and convert it into electricity right at your doorstep so that you can access it immediately. The panels are typically installed on the rooftops of homes, though if your property is large enough, they can be installed in-ground. The rooftop offers the most beneficial position to capture the most amount of sunlight for standard suburban homes across Australia.  
We install an inverter unit that transforms the direct current generated by the sunlight into alternating current, which is used to provide your home with electricity. This alternating current can either be used immediately or directed into a grid-connected solar power system, where it’s stored for later use.
If you’re all in on the solar solution, battery power allows you to store your excess solar energy to utilise when the sun isn’t shining. Your home will still be hooked into the main electricity grid, so even on a cloudy day without much solar power generated, you won’t be short on electricity.  
Once it’s installed and set up, you can let it do its thing. Solar panels are low maintenance and require very little attention after initial installation. It’s also easy to add more panels or install a battery down the track if you decide to, and we’ll be there when you’re ready.  
If you’re not sure about the best setup for your home, our specialists are here to help guide you to the best renewable energy solution for your needs.  

What are the benefits of using solar energy? 

The first benefit you’ll see when using solar energy is a reduction in your electricity bills, and your solar power unit will end up paying for itself in no time at all. Produce extra power? No worries, send it back to the grid and see a deduction in your next energy bill.  
The great thing about choosing a solar energy company like Tango Energy is that you’ll also be investing in sustainable and clean renewable energy for everyone. We reckon the sun will keep on shining for many years to come, and it costs nothing for us to access. Using it continuously is also less harmful to the environment. Whether or not you believe in the changing climate, it’s a smart move to invest in renewable energy because we’re only going to see more of it in our future.  
Solar power is also not as expensive as it once was. By making renewable energy Australia can both access and afford, we’re creating a more sustainable and economical future for generations to come.  
We’re a leading solar energy company that is passionate about making this technology affordable for every Australian. Connect with us today, and let us help connect you to a sustainable future.  

How to install solar panels at home? 

Installing solar panels at home is as easy as giving us a call today.  
As a provider of solar energy, we can take care of the whole process for you, from finding the right solar solution for you, to organising installation through our third- party retailer, to setting up your solar energy plan. 
The installation will require access to your roof with priority placed on the sunniest facing aspect of your roof, depending on your home’s orientation. The inverter unit that will convert the solar energy into usable electricity will be installed somewhere easy for you to access, and our installers will consult with you to find the best placement. 
We know that everyone will have different needs and budgets. When it comes to renewable energycompare our plans to find the right fit for you. We understand that it’s important for you to compare electric options so you can transition to renewable energy smoothly. We can help you compare electricity capabilities and offer competitive pricing to other electric suppliers
We offer a variety of plans to get you started, and all of them include gas energy options. In addition, we can help you compare energy VIC state concessions that you might be eligible for. We offer a range of concessions and rebates across several other states, including NSW, QLD, and SA.  
Our goal is to make clean, affordable, and environmentally friendly energy accessible to everyone. The greatest change happens when people work together. We want to work with you to help build a brighter, greener, and cleaner future for generations to come. Join us today.