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Renewable Energy Solar

Energy with a clean conscience

Renewable Energy Solar

About one in five Australians have already made the switch to renewable energy solar systems, and so should you!1

Tango lets you upgrade to solar energy without breaking the bank. We offer affordable plans with no lock-in contracts and a quick sign-up process, so you can take advantage of clean electricity without worry. 

Tango is backed by Pacific Hydro Australia – a leading renewable energy player on the continent. Through our services, you’re not only cutting your monthly costs, but also helping the country achieve a more sustainable future. 

The renewable energy solar panels you see on homes today work by converting sunlight into electricity using photovoltaic cells. If you decide to invest in a battery, you can also store electricity to use when the sun refuses to shine. In case the panels don’t generate enough electricity, your home is still hooked up to the grid, so you won’t have to worry about outages. 

Tango makes it easy to sign up for solar energy plans online. We’ve been recognised multiple times for our exemplary services, including the prestigious Canstar Blue award for satisfied customers in Victoria. We’ve also received two Mozo Choice awards for small business solar plans in the same state.

Tango launched back in 2012 with a mission to provide low-cost renewable energy solar plans for Australians. We now have over 150,000 customers as we continue to invest in green projects throughout the continent. So join us in switching to a more sustainable source of electricity. Compare energy plans for your area and get started today! 

Making a positive impact on the environment should be easy, so we aim to make the entire process as simple as possible. Tango can arrange your solar panel installation and energy plan in one bundle with the help of our trusted third-party retailers. 

We offer a range of high-quality solar panels to suit your needs and budget. These panels are backed by substantial guarantees for your confidence and peace of mind. We only work with reputable solar providers, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re choosing from reputable companies. Moreover, we offer zero-interest loans payable for over 48 months. Tango can also assist you in applying for government solar rebates available.

If you are eligible, you can earn a feed-in tariff when you produce more energy than you use. The excess electricity gets fed into the grid, and you get credit on your electricity bills for contributing renewable energy to the grid. This program is available for our customers in nearly all states. Call 1800 861 952 now and get a quote.

Is solar energy reliable?

Solar energy has been widely used for decades, and it has proven to be a reliable alternative to fossil fuels. Moreover, renewable energy solar systems produce consistent electricity with robust components that require minimal maintenance. These components are also backed by lengthy warranties to keep you at ease. 

There’s no doubt that solar energy can help you save on monthly bills, but it can also increase the value of your property. A house or establishment with its own renewable energy source makes it substantially more attractive to potential buyers. What’s more, the government offers incentives for homeowners who contribute renewable energy to the grid. 

Solar energy harnesses the power of the sun by capturing its energy and converting it to electricity to run your home. Australia has the highest solar radiation per square meter of any continent,2 so it’s one of the best countries to run solar panels. That also means we have a massive opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint.

As renewable energy solar systems are becoming mainstream, more and more solar companies have emerged, making it a bit overwhelming to choose the right provider. At Tango, we believe that doing your part for the environment should be easy, so we’re willing to do all the leg work for you.

Tango has a dedicated team of solar specialists to give you sound advice on what plans are best suited to your home. In addition, we only work with renowned solar retailers to provide high-quality equipment so you can get reliable components and pair them with our affordable energy plans. 

Is solar energy more expensive than conventional energy?

If you compare electricity rates, the cost of energy generated from solar panels is now less than conventional alternatives like coal. Moreover, studies have shown that solar energy is bound to become the cheapest electricity option within the next decade.3

In Australia, it takes just four years for the average solar energy system to generate enough value in electricity production to cover its initial costs. Taking into account how these systems usually last over two decades, it’s safe to say that solar energy can save you plenty of money in the long term. So join the thousands of Australians who have taken a stand for a cleaner future. 

Switch to renewable energy today with Tango! You can sign up in minutes for a clean source of electricity that fits your lifestyle and budget. With over 150,000 satisfied customers across Australia, you can be confident that you’re working with a knowledgeable and trustworthy service provider.

How can I switch to solar energy?

Some homes are more suitable for solar panels than others. Our solar specialists can help you determine whether your home is suitable for solar energy and develop a tailored solution for your specific needs.

The following factors should be taken into account when choosing a suitable renewable energy solar plan:

  • Roof direction. Your roof’s exposure to sunlight is an excellent indicator of how effective solar panels can be for your home. In general, north-facing panels get the most sunlight, but roofs oriented west, north-west, and north-east are also suitable in Australia. 
  • Obstructions. See if trees, power lines, and other structures are blocking sunlight from reaching your roof.  
  • Roof space. You should consider the available space on your roof. A 1.5 kW solar system typically requires at least 15 m² of space. If you have a great deal of space on your roof, you can install high-capacity panels that can generate more power. 

Tango is a multi-awarded solar energy company in Australia. Visit our energy compare section and see the upsides for yourself!

With no lock-in contracts and simple online registration, we make the switch to renewable energy as seamless as possible. Compare electric rates with other electricity providers and get started now. 

Tango also offers low-cost gas plans to help you stay warm during cooler months. Now you can crank up your heating system or enjoy a long hot shower without feeling guilty! It’s also a good idea to have your gas and electricity plans from the same retailer to keep everything easier to track.

With our flexible payment options, you can start leveraging the benefits of a comprehensive renewable energy solar system at your convenience.

We believe in the value of sustainable energy, and we’re eager to make it a reality for you and your family. 

There’s no better time to invest in renewable energy than right now. Call 1800 861 952 today!

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