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Renewable Energy Companies

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Renewable Energy Companies

As one of the leading renewable energy companies in Australia, Tango Energy is excited to make renewable energy options more accessible and more affordable for everyday Australians. Owned by Pacific Hydro Australia, we’re committed to creating a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable Australia for generations to come. We believe that renewable energies are our way to this future, and a huge part of that puzzle is ensuring that affordable renewable energy is accessible to everyone.  

Our low rates are offered every day, (unless your network tariff changes), with no lock-in contracts. We have a range of affordable plans that help you budget a renewable energy solution to meet your needs. Of the available types of renewable energy, solar is the most affordable and accessible.1 In our sunburnt country, it’s not a resource we’re likely to run short of in a hurry either.  We’ve partnered with a solar energy company to make a difference. By supporting us, you are supporting Australia’s future in renewable energy.

To make it easy for you to get on board the clean energy train, renewable energy companies like us organise your solar installation and energy plan all at once. Depending on your budget, we have a range of renewable energy plans you can choose from, additionally we offer gas pricing. We even developed a 100% GreenPower accredited plan: Tango Blue, stretching your electricity consumption further and offsetting your carbon emissions.  

As one of the leading renewable energy companies in Australia, we’re stoked to be bringing renewable energy into the average Australian home. We also have plans for small business, commercial, and industry solutions, so whatever your interest is in renewables, we can help you. You also gain access to our award-winning support hub whenever you need help, have a question, or want to access important documents relating to your installation.

Save money on your energy bills2 and help the environment at the same time by investing in renewable energy for your home or business. Renewable energy Australia wide is our vision, and we do it by making the transition affordable. Enquire now to connect with our team and learn more.  

How efficient is renewable energy? 

Renewable is an incredibly efficient form of energy3 when it comes to environmental impact. This is because renewables take less energy to produce and generate more energy for use. 

Typically, renewable energy also produces fewer emissions in their production, making them both efficient and effective as a source of energy to power our modern lives. Our owner, Pacific Hydro Australia, is one of the renewable energy companies at the forefront of renewable technologies. This means you receive the benefits of our years of innovation and solar technology development.  

Generally, the more energy you want to produce from renewable sources, the more you need to capture the natural energy source. So if you want to move your home fully off-grid but still power your laptop, blender, and heater, you’ll be looking at getting more solar panels and some batteries. But suppose you’re in a suburban home or business looking to reduce your energy bill significantly over time. In that case, you may only need a minimum number of solar panels to get started. You always have the option to increase the number of panels and to add a battery to store any unused power.  

While solar energy is an upfront investment, the panels and power generation will last decades with minimal fuss when installed correctly. Because most installations run in tandem with the main electricity grid across the country, you’ll never be without power. You will be generating a percentage of your power usage from your solar panels, and the rest will be supplemented by the main grid.   

Tango is among the renewable energy companies that have you covered from start to finish. We make the whole process from installation to setting up your plan as efficient as we can. Get in touch with our team to talk about the right solution for your home or business today.  

What are the benefits of using renewable energy? 

One of the main benefits of using renewable energy is a reduction in the cost of using energy in your homes and businesses. Because renewable energy technology has advanced rapidly, the initial investment has significantly decreased. We go further and have a set of plans to make investing in renewable energy as affordable as we possibly can.
The other main benefit is you support sources of energy that are renewable and have far less impact on the environment than our traditional sources of energy: fossil fuels like coal.4 Renewable energy is cleaner to produce and use than fossil fuels. Because we are so abundant with both sun and water, it’s a no-brainer for Australians to transition to renewables with the help of renewable energy companies like Tango Energy.

How to use renewable energy at home? 

The beauty of renewable energy use at home is that everything is automated once the initial installation has taken place. It’s a set-and-forget system. Your solar panels will continue to generate energy for your household and send any excess power to the main grid or battery storage, depending on your setup. If your excess energy goes back to the main grid, you may receive a reduction on your next energy bill. If you have a battery, then your excess energy is stored to be used in the future.

Accessing and installing renewable energy in the average Australian household has never been more affordable with renewable energy companies like Tango Energy. We love offering low rates every day, fixed for a minimum of 12 months, so there are no nasty surprises. Our no lock-in contract is there in case you want to part ways, but we’re pretty confident that once you start experiencing the benefits of our solar solutions, you won’t want to.  

When it comes to renewable energy, compare what our energy plans have to offer you. It’s important that you compare electric options before transitioning to renewable energy. We can help you compare electricity plans and offer competitive pricing to other electric suppliers, and compare energy VIC state concessions that you might be eligible for. Furthermore, we honour concessions and rebates across several other states, including NSW, QLD, and SA.

Tango Energy is one of Australia’s leading renewable energy companies dedicated to providing access to affordable energy. As a team, we’re committed to ensuring a brighter, greener, and cleaner future by working together with you. Connect with us today, and let’s step into a sustainable future together.

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