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The Ord Hydrogen

The Ord Hydro Plant - WA

The Ord Hydrogen

The Project

In 2020, Pacific Hydro carried out a feasibility study to investigate the potential to build a renewable hydrogen plant near Kununurra using renewable energy generated by The Ord River Hydro Power Plant.

The study, which received funding from the Western Australian Government, investigated technologies, supply chains, potential markets, water sources, waste management, approval requirements and other technical elements. The purpose of the study was to determine if it would be practical to move ahead with a project.

The WA Government has published a report (here) to share some of the key findings of the study and to assist the development of WA’s hydrogen industry.

Pacific Hydro is now progressing to the next stage of the project – to investigate whether the project is commercially feasible. Pacific Hydro is working to explore potential purchasers both locally and internationally.

Planning and environment studies were carried out in 2021 to inform approvals for the project. These studies investigate potential impacts on flora and fauna, cultural heritage, landscape and visual, noise, traffic, safety and hydrology.

Local Benefits

If the project proceeds it will deliver employment opportunities during construction and help to grow the local economy.
The project could put Kununurra and the East Kimberley at the forefront of Australia’s transition towards a hydrogen economy.
Pacific Hydro remains committed to providing a reliable source of electricity to the people of Kununurra and surrounding communities from The Ord River Hydro Power Plant.

Community Engagement

Involving key stakeholders and communities in development activities from the very beginning is as important to Pacific Hydro’s success as technical and financial factors.
Our conversations with key stakeholders, traditional owners (Miriuwung Gajerrong) and the broader community will be ongoing throughout 2022. We will continue to practice socially-distanced engagement while borders are closed but hope to be able to engage with you face-to-face later in the year.